DAC e.V. - a cooperative team of medium-sized legislation corporations

DAC e.V. is actually a cooperative team of medium-sized regulation companies skilled predominantly in work and industrial law and operates with numerous types of authorities in numerous fields in Germany and twenty other international locations: a notarial employees, auditors, CPAs, tax consultants, financers and other lawful associations or advocacy groups. Its aim is to support consumers’ demands around Germany incl. authorized representation in advance of any in the 116 district courts of the federal republic. For a basic rule the organization has just one member in Every single from the district court docket regions of Germany and at least just one german speaking lawful specialist in each with the international DAC users.
Deutsche AnwaltsCooperation (DAC) e. V. is represented by member attorneys in many EU member states together with in Asia and North The united states thus conquering the difficulty prevodilac nemacki na srpski of presenting successful authorized solutions regarding the distinct lawful programs and procedures overseas.
This network makes it possible for qualified alternatives to customers’ complications prevod sa nemackog na srpski cena in cross-border concerns by involving the applicable DAC skilled or prevod sa nemackog na srpski jezik contacting a international DAC member. This way the customer avoids the inconvenient and sometimes difficult job of attempting to find certified gurus abroad, even though achieving the aimed ends in time. DAC has also released for this goal a hotline allowing clientele to Call the group also to be rapidly consulted because of the relevant attorney. Neli Tascheva is usually a consultant with the foreign DAC customers along with her company, Tascheva and Lover, assisting a lot of German and Intercontinental organizations and purchasers in Bulgaria.

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